One Lump or Two?

Join these two lumps as they go about their day. Help them battle with boredom as they find the beauty in the routine and mundane. Share a heart warming glimpse into their lives as they explore their relationship through comedy, physical theatre, acrobatics and object manipulation.

A 30 minute circus theatre show. Written for outdoor arts events, although perfectly at home in a theatre setting.


 One man and his doll

A man performs acrobatic techniques with his favourite doll although things don’t go quite as smoothly as he planned. A quirky and clever fusion of theatrical comedy and highly skilled acrobatics, creating an odd sense of joy and discomfort that you certainly won’t forget.

Perfect for Cabarets, variety shows, burlesque shows. Duration 8 minutes. Also available as 20 minute street show.


Hat Trick Harry

Fast, fun and very orange. Filled with silly tricks and juggling bits, don’t miss this energetic show from a man that’s mad about hats.

‘Hey Hatchuco’ is his hat juggling act that’s perfect for Corporate or Cabaret style events. Duration 7 minutes.

Also available as 20 minute street show.


Clementine’s Kitchen

Welcome to Clementine’s kitchen, the craziest kitchen around. This week we’ll be making pancakes, with a juggling chef. Eggs thrown, knives flipped, cakes caught (sometimes), and above all one hell of a mess made, all ending in a fiery flambé. Guaranteed to have you in stitches. Pancake making will never be the same again.

Perfect for variety shows, comedy nights and any other weird and wacky events.
Duration 20 minutes.


 Rockabilly Elves

They’re way too cool for Christmas, too hot for the North Pole so they ran away with a rock n roll band… Just wait till you see them dance! Bringing their own brand off acrobatics with that big swing style.

A Christmas cabaret act. Duration 4 minutes.
Also available as a walkabout.


Duelling Hats

Unfortunately we’ve double booked our ‘Hill-billy’ Hat Juggler… Literally, there’s two of them! Only one thing for it, get them both on stage. Will they tear each other apart or can they work it out? One thing is for sure, this will be a showdown of epic proportions…

Perfect for cabarets and corporate work. Duration 5 minutes.


The Clementine Brothers

The Clementine brothers are mischievous pair. Always trying to out do each other as they vie for your applause, hoping to settle once and for all who is the better brother! A comedy juggling routine full of quick quips and big tricks all with a sprinkling of brotherly love.

20 minute street show.


If you don’t see an act you feel works with the theme of your event then please contact us and we can create an act to fit what you need.